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Take a moment to discover the features that sureEcosystem Fleet offers to streamline the management of your fleet, save you money, avoid downtime and increase productivity. sureEcosystem Fleet provides improved management, tracking, and reporting on fleet preventive maintenance, repair costs, fuel purchases and much more.

Mobile App

Enable your drivers to update odometer readings and fuel purchase information, complete trip inspections, view previous inspection reports, report vehicle issues, record tire data, and report accidents on the spot.


We offer competitive pricing and personalized support for all of our packages. If you have questions or concerns, we'd love to hear from you.

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Fleet Maintenance Software

sureEcosystem Fleet is fleet maintenance software that is focused on improving your business operations with efficient management, tracking, and reporting on preventive fleet maintenance, repair costs, fuel purchases and much more.

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sureEcosystem Fleet has strategically partnered with many popular GPS providers to bring you integrated on-board GPS. This allows for automatic capture of travel, speed, direction, and vehicle diagnostic data. This information is analyzed to provide valuable information for fleet maintenance and tracking.

Odometer and Fuel

Drivers can update fuel information for internal or external fuel events. Trackable information includes gallons, total cost, method of payment, and location to support state fuel reporting requirements.

Issue Reporting

Report issues directly to the dashboard via the web or mobile app. For example, a driver could report that the windshield wipers are not working properly on Truck 6.

Accident Reporting

Drivers can report accidents from the mobile app. The app ensures that all the proper information is collected, including photos and audio recordings.

Vehicle Records

Manage permits, licensing, registration, and other time sensitive documents. Create alerts to proactively address preventive maintenance and service requirements.

Work Orders

Assign and manage tasks performed on your vehicles. Track useful data points including multiple service types, technician, parts required, costs, labor, and total downtime.

Driver Qualification

Save time managing and organizing your drivers with features including groups, attached documents, reminders on actionable items, and intelligent pre-populated driver information.

The sureEcosystem Fleet product works great! We have trucks that are all around the country at any given time and it simplifies keeping track of maintenance, mileage, fuel, etc. The trip inspections are a life saver. We recently went through a DOT audit and the troopers were amazed at the level of detail in the pre-trip section. The technical support and product knowledge from those involved is second to none. Thanks for a great product at a great price.

M. Bartlett, Jacksonville, FL

How sureEcoystem Fleet Works

sureEcosystem Fleet streamlines your maintenance, which saves you money, minimizes downtime, and increases productivity. It is designed to improve business operations on maintenance, repairs, fuel, and more.

How sureEcosystem Fleet Helps You

Boasting features like proactive maintenance, trip inspections, mileage and fuel efficiency, license and certification management, and safety alerts, you'll wonder how you lived without sureEcosystem Fleet.

Trip Inspections

Reduce your liability by having your drivers complete trip inspections. Create customized questions and inspections, attach photos and notes, and harness QR codes to streamline the process.

Free Mobile App

Drivers can record odometer readings and fuel purchase information, perform and review trip inspections, report vehicle issues, track tire data and detail accidents.




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